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    Sanam Marvi

    As a little girl, Sanam Marvi and a group of children from her village, scrambled into a neighbour's house to take a look at the first television set ever to arrive at their little village in Dadu, Sindh. Squirming with excitement, in the midst of a clutter of kids, she watched in awe as Abida Parveen sat on a stage and sung in all her glory. A verse from the song struck Marvi so strongly that she went home that evening and told her father that all she wanted to do was sing.

    "Tere ishq nachaaya karke thaiyya thaiyya
    cheti bauhreen we tabeeba naheen te main margaeea."

    This verse, which literally means: "Love for you has made me dance in tune to the rhythm. Quickly come, O physician! Else, I'm dead for certain" has defined Marvi's entire life. "If there was no music in my life I don't think I would be alive," she explains, "It is there - therefore I am."

    At the age of seven, Marvi would position herself in a park outside the Radio Pakistan building alongside her father and teacher Fakir Ghulam Rasool, and sing for passersby. They hoped that somebody important would hear her, discover the talent within and give her her first big break. Marvi's father would urge people who exited the building to listen to his daughter for a few moments, and the child would quickly burst into song, striving to give her best performance each time.

    "There was a point I was ready to give up", she remembers wistfully, "but my father said, "No. We just have to try harder." And she did. "That is why singing to me is not just a passion. It is my justujoo", explains Marvi, "my quest, my mission".

    In 2004, a regional Sindhi channel, finally gave Marvi her first opportunity to sing on air. After this a slew of performances followed before she was invited, in 2009, to a broadcast on nation


    " Singing to me is not just a passion anymore. It is my justuju, my quest, my mission "