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    Chakwal Group

    The Chakwal group is an example of Pakistan's rich cultural heritage and the depth of talent rooted in Pakistani society. This is a group of men that stand and sing in chorus around a single dhol. They are usually a group of 16 or more with chorus singers and dancers thrilling audiences that gather to watch them in the villages and town centers of the Potohar region. Their's is an ancient folk tradition passed down through the generations for centuries, with little research done on the origins and historical context of this musical and literary heritage.

    Music and dance is very popular in the Potohar region and numerous groups of musicians play and sing at a variety of events including weddings, parties and other gatherings. Often two groups will get together and compete in front of an audience.

    After learning and practicing for years around their area in Chakwal the group began spreading out to wider audiences. Over the years they began to get recognized in certain pockets around the country as they performed in all 4 provinces. They sang songs written by themselves as well the cultural folk music of their area, written by other local poets and musicians such as Aziz Lohar and the Ruvail and Phulail brothers.

    They believe in the power of their poetry and sing about the intensity of love, loss and the passing of time in their songs this Season. They are proud to be able to bring their music and culture to a wider audience by performing on Coke Studio Season 5. The range, control and raw texture of their voices add an extra dimension to the Coke Studio journey as an example of the richness and diversity of Pakistan's musical heritage.