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    Uzair Jaswal

    Uzair Jaswal is the youngest artist ever to feature on Coke Studio. A student from Islamabad, Jaswal comes from a unique musical background. He is the youngest of three brothers who have managed to break into the Pakistan music scene. Umair Jaswal does lead vocals for Qayaas while the eldest brother, Yasir, is the lead singer for Irtaash - two underground bands from Islamabad.

    The youngest Jaswal has had a fast road to success with his smooth voice, relaxed stage presence and solid song writing skills. He wrote his first song when he was 16 and was lead singer for a band called Scar who performed alternative rock covers.

    “I didn’t really think a lot about it. A catchy tune just came into my head and I just kept writing on that. It was little monotonous but I think it’s ok for a first song,” says Jaswal.

    That was when he performed at his first concert. He felt confident even though he didn’t go for a sound check and his performance made the crowd go wild.

    “I got really excited. It felt really good. It was a crowd of like 800 people. It felt super cool,” says Jaswal.

    Soon after he started working on recording his first song with the help of his brother’s friend Akash - a fellow musician.

    “He just took me as a little brother and he..... helped me with the music. So I took a Daewoo bus and didn’t even tell my parents and went to Lahore, did my vocals and came back,” says Jaswal.

    Since then he released a series of singles which became huge hits in the country and gained audiences abroad as well.

    “My music is very viral. I have a lot of fans online and I have about 1 or 2 million hits on youtube on my songs. But that’s all viral. A lot of the Pakistani people, the public don’t know me and don’t know my music so I hope this is the break that I need,” says Jaswal.

    Jaswal has been working with producer Sarmad Ghafoor who produced two albums for Atif Aslam and is a guitarist and producer for Qayaas. Jaswal plans to work on releasing singles and videos for the time being instead of working on an album because he believes it’s a better way of establishing his name and gaining a following before he launches a full scale selection.

    “I want to do an album when everybody really goes out and buys it. I really don’t want to be one of those who’s albums just lie in stores and no one really cares,” says Jaswal.

    Last May Jaswal released Maa, a single he wrote for his mother. He feels the song and dedication made him much more popular and gained him an increasing number of fans.

    This year Jaswal sees his rise to fame with Coke Studio Season 5 as he starts his freshman year at college.