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      • Mangal, Darehan and Shayan

      The vast landscapes and high mountains of Balochistan have resonated with the unique sounds of ‘Nar Sur’ – deep, cyclic, low overtone vocals – emanating from Mangal’s throat since almost three decades.

      Born in Dera Bugti to a family with no inclination towards the performing arts, little did Mangal know that this genre that traces its roots back to the nomads in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, would become a staple of his identity.

      Because of the calculated stamina and distinctive skill required to maintain pitch and melody, there are not very many throat singers. Mangal is one such gifted vocalist. Along with Shayan and Darehan on ‘Dambora’, this band captures the true Balochi essence of the stories and culture of the region. Engaging the audience while preserving a tradition that would otherwise easily be forgotten.

      Every one of ‘Nar Sur’s’ folklore tells a story, and to better understand the deeper meaning of these conversations, it is important to know where it all started from. Their performance on Coke Studio Explorer, aims to do just that.


      Artist: Darehan, Shayan, Mangal
      Song Title: Naseebaya (Balochi Throat Vocals)
      Original Language: Balochi Throat Singing
      Lyrics: Traditional
      اس پری وش کا چہرا چینی گڑیا سا حسین تھا
      Maula – De toh chinre midnday hushna kasht ghaniye
      I saw her and she was dazzling like a China doll

      وہ میرے گرد اپنا جال بُنتی گیؑ۔
      Has kar lamrona dah aga ghooma mardomaniye
      She cast her net as she circled around me

      اس کی حور سی سرخ انکھیں مجھ پہ اپنا سہرطاری کرتی گیؑں
      Yara Sonhri chama teh’ran rey falani
      Her eyes shone through like embers

      ہر راہگزر اس کے حسن کا دیوانا ہو جاتا ہے
      Rusto ya bunda khardan tari parpogain
      Anyone who lays eyes on her falls for her

      اب میرا دل ا سے گلے لگانے کے لیے بیتاب ہے
      Lurgah bakhuray daey burzay saha dilaniye
      And I cannot rest until I embrace her

      اگر لوگوں کو پہلے ہی گمان ہے تو کیوں نا کسی کے روکنے سے پہلے ہم گلے لگ جایٴں
      Jaldi bakhurain dhein mardein awl ghoomaniye
      Since people already suspect it, why don’t we embrace each other before someone stops us

      اس سے پہلے گمان ہی تھا، قریب آ کر پتا چلا
      Awl e goomaniye aan phaloen geewarani
      Before this I only had a hunch, but when I got near I became certain

      شام کے پہر میں اُس کی تلاش میں اس کے دیس جاوں گا
      Chari lumbar gosha boonga giraniye
      In the evening I will go to search for her

      میں ٹالی کے نیچے چھپ کرسننے لگا
      Suzay talari sehrah, tokein mardou maniye
      So I hid under the tree listening

      اور اس کی شہد سی باتیں سنتا رہا
      Tookan sharbat phoota mana, burra hakmani
      Her words ringing sweet in my ears, like sugar

      قریب پحنچ کر دیکھتا ہوں کہ وہ اپنی سہیلی سے بات کر ررہی ہے
      Biradar jaderiyan nidhin yapacha dhewani
      When I drew nearer I saw her talking to someone

      کتنی دیر کر دی اُس نےجبکہ میں اُس کے لیے بیتاب تھی
      Chikar de khodayara mada saganiye
      How long has he made me wait when I am desperate to be with him.

      اُس کی آنکھوں سے آنسو برس پڑے
      Chah’ma teh leti arnzi dou deedgani
      Tears streamed down down her eyes

      اُس کی آنکھوں سے آنسو برس پڑے
      Chah’ma teh leti arnzi dou deedgani
      Tears streamed down down her eyes

      یقین کرو میں آپ کے بغیر ادھورا ہوں
      Jaydee bhawaray kharay chinay zindaganiye
      Believe me I am incomplete without you

      سہیلیوں نے اسے دلاسا دیا کہ مت رو
      Arsayein saddar dasi badiyein dilaniye
      Her companions told her not to cry

      اب بس اتنا ہی کیوں کہ منزل دور ہے
      Uh-Hah khosari banda deraniye manzalaniye
      Let be because the destination is far

      اگر نصيب میں ھوا تو پیاسے دل ملیں گے
      Mela bhi naseebaya – tuniye dilaniye
      If it is meant to be, then these hearts will be one again.

      Song Credits



      Darehan, Shayan, Mangal

      Original Language




      Song Info

      Naseebaya | Mangal, Darehan, Shayan

      Produced & Directed by

      Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza

      Performed by

      Mangal, Darehan, Shayan



      ‘Naseebaya’, a track that blindly leads you into an unknowable abyss – is an ode to the peculiar vocal art that continues to survive within the remote mountains of Balochistan.

      As soon as the song begins, the textured and loopy sound of the ‘Dambora’, played by Darehan and Shayan create the ideal ambience for the vocals to arrive. Mangal’s robust harmonies take over the song like a force of wind, with energy that outweighs his bite-sized stature. The Balochi riff harmonized with the modern electronic arpeggiated sounds allow a peaceful resolution between the art of ‘Nar Sur’ and urban-electronica.

      The trio play around with cyclic melodies, drawing on a pulsing bassline with deep overtone vocals – making ‘Naseebaya’ a re- playable tribute to a widely unknown genre.

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