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      Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza


      Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza – the producers of Coke Studio, Season 11 – are experimental, bold and passionate. With their long-lasting association with the platform, the two realize the power to influence and create an unparalleled impact using music as a medium to narrate human stories and establish the Pakistani identity on the world map.

      After ten years of Coke Studio, Kazi and Hamza’s collaborative relationship fully blooms as they take on a journey to explore the diversity of their soil through visual storytelling of sounds and ideas, keeping in-sync with the global trends.

      Multidimensional – songwriter / producer / author – Zohaib Kazi, has been associated with Coke Studio since Season 3 and till the end of Season 9, overlooking various dimensions of management and production for the project – making him an integral part as well as one of the oldest members in the Coke Studio universe. Kazi took a hiatus to pursue his own passion for the art, releasing two back to back audio-visual music projects to critical acclaim within the urban Pakistani community. ‘Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher’ – published in 2015 – is a science fiction multimedia project comprising of a music album intertwined with a graphic novel, authored by him. And in an attempt to reconnect and capture Pakistan’s folk essence through a travelogue styled music album, Kazi released – ‘Fanoos’ in 2017.

      Born to renowned Sagarveena player, Noor Zehra Kazim, Ali Hamza is recognized as a luminary in Pakistani music for his work spanning almost over two-decades as a vocalist and songwriter. From creating seminal pieces of unplugged guitar and vocals as an undergraduate student at LUMS; to founding Pakistan’s quintessential rock band ‘noori’ with his brother, Ali Noor, Ali Hamza’s association with music has always been about emotively communicating meaningful ideas. Since 2016, Hamza has been undertaking a prolific renaissance; through his solo act with his pioneering project, ‘Sanwal’; as well as being one of the music directors in Coke Studio, Season 10. Over a span of 10 years, Hamza’s contribution to Coke Studio with iconic tracks such as ‘Aik Alif’, ‘Hor Vi Neevan’, ‘Paar Chanaa De’ and ‘Tinak Dhin’, are testament to the fact that he has consistently set benchmarks of creative excellence for this platform.

      Coke Studio, is a show that has managed to entertain audiences across the globe whilst placing Pakistan on a musical map. Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza will continue this journey and unite the nation with music from all regions and terrains this time hoping to leave nothing, unexplored.

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