Season 7 Artists

Aahad Nayani

Aahad Nayani is a Karachi born musician who belongs to a family with a background in music. His father, who is also his primary inspiration, used to play the drums when he was young, which influenced his passion for the percussion instrument. Talking about his earlier childhood he says, “Since I was born, I have been hearing my own beats over roller pins, different utensils, beating on the sofas and finally on the drums!” Other drummers who inspire him include Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Mike Portnoy and many more. A completely self-taught artist, Aahad is attracted to the western style of music because of its grooves, variety of genres and the creativity one can employ to create a beat. He enjoys his music and aspires to be the leading Pakistani drummer on a local and international level.

Regarding Coke Studio, Aahad believes it is the nation’s premier music focused platform and provides aspiring artists the opportunity to highlight their talent locally and internationally. He feels that the platform is particularly well known for its fusion approach to music and feels that fusion features the blending of two or more “musical souls” together, which creates something unique, powerful and harmonious.

Talking about his Coke Studio journey Aahad says that he faced some initial challenges, particularly with respect to playing alongside other musicians, but after practice and hard work he grew accustomed to the Eastern style of percussions and grew to appreciate it. For Aahad Coke Studio has become a family away from his family and he’s cherished the chance to perform alongside fresh talent and industry veterans, all of whom worked together to create beautiful music.

Aahad is grateful for the opportunity to appear on Coke Studio and looks forward to making his debut on the platform in its 7th Season. He hopes that the opportunity will create awareness of his talent and he will use the acclaim to enhance the repute of Pakistan.