Season 7 Artists

Aamir Zaki

Aamir Zaki is one of Pakistan’s most popular guitarist-songwriters and composers. Aamir’s love for music started at the very early age of eight and developed gradually with the artist’s self-training via musical editorials and tone training. Aamir’s first album “Signature” was launched in 1995 and was awarded a gold disc by Sound Craft UK. From the album, Aamir’s “Mera Pyar” received widespread acclaim and is still considered one of Aamir’s best compositions.

In the past, Aamir also had the privilege of performing with the legends of Pakistani music, including Alamgir, Vital Signs and Awaz to name a few. After his performance with Alamgir, Aamir also formed three rock bands namely "The Barbarians", "Axe Attack" and "Scratch".

This season, Aamir makes his Coke Studio debut as guest musician/guitarist where he will be playing Micro Tone and Raag Shiv Ranjaani on guitar for the first time on TV at the Coke Studio platform. Stating his feelings about Coke Studio and fusion music, Aamir said “To me Fusion means that the melody line itself is a fused idea. An idea that does not sound eastern or western. That would be Melodic Fusion. Then there is the Tonal Fusion of instruments from different places. It was a pleasure working with the team; wish I could have done my song Mera Piyar though. Because that’s my most known song and covered by so many people. It would have been great to have a Coke Studio version of it. Maybe next season, I would come back to CS and do Mera Pyar and a Signature Composition! Maybe a Raag!”

This year Coke studio proudly welcomes Amir Zaki to the music platform.