Season 7 Artists

Abbas Ali Khan

Almost a decade ago Abbas Ali Khan began his journey in the musical arena, casting himself as a pop musician with the Album "Sun Re". With the passage of time Abbas drifted towards the mystically rich Sufi themed tunes that can be heard on his latest album, Tamaam Alam Mast (Entire Universe in Ecstasy). This album is the outcome of years of endurance as Abbas took a leap of faith by diverting towards this deep-rooted form of music. Being a disciple of Ustaad Fateh Ali Khan as well as drawing his musical lineage from the Patiala Gharana, Abbas has been able to master numerous eastern raags, which he leans on when composing his music.

Over the years, Abbas has won numerous awards for his melodies and music videos and has garnered critical acclaim for his unique sound. Abbas is gifted with a mesmerizing voice and his creative intelligence comprehends not just vocals but compositions as well. He has also composed scores for different platforms such as TV, Film, and Theatre. Abbas preaches love, peace and harmony through his music and has now decided to convey this message through a larger platform as he plans to take his music across the globe after the release of his latest Sufi Fusion Album, Tamaam Alam Mast.

This 2014, Abbas Ali Khan will be making his Coke Studio debut.