Season 7 Artists

Arsalan Ali

Born in Karachi, Arsalan Ali has been a student of music since he was 10 years old. Belonging to a family of musicians, Arsalan’s musical training started from his early childhood where he received training from classical music maestro Ustaad Rais Khan. Arsalan is proficient in two instruments; the melodica and harmonium.

The musician takes inspiration from the artistic contributions of legends like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Ustaad Rais Khan. Arsalan has also demonstrated his art locally in Pakistan and internationally in countries including U.A.E, India and USA.

Talking about his contributions to the current Season, Arsalan said, “Working with Strings was a great experience; there was a lot to learn. I hope that the show’s audience will appreciate our work, specifically the diversity of instruments which were played during this Season, which in my opinion would be of interest to the viewers of Coke Studio. I have played Melodica in this Season and I believe this is the first time anyone has played this instrument in Coke Studio”.