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If you blend a rustic voice with Sufi/Tasawwuf thought, a Sufi posture with a Sufi trademark and catchy melodies upon Sufi chants that assimilate through your ears to your soul, only one name would come to your mind and that name is Asrar.

Born in Azad Jammu Kashmir, the beautiful valleys and scenic vistas served as the inspiration for Asrar’s interest in music, which has been a part of the artist’s world almost all his life. From the tender age of 7, he started writing his own songs and also composed melodies for them. The subtleties and nuances of music and the various melodies captured his interest from then on, which allowed him to explore the dynamics of different harmonies to discover what appealed to him the most.

In order to further delve into music further, he moved to Lahore from his hometown of Kotli in Azad Kashmir. Inspired by Ustaad Sultan Ahmed Khan, Ustaad Salamat Ali Khan, Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Tufail Niazi and Michael Jackson, he always tried to incorporate nuances of Eastern and Western elements in all his work. He credits Ustaad Sultan Ahmed Khan for helping him develop a deeper understanding of Eastern classical music.

Since then he has achieved many milestones, of which standing first in the All Pakistan Musical Conference is prominent. His musical journey ultimately led him to open his very own production house Souls Speak Productions in association with close friends. The first single by Asrar was “Ni Saiyo” which was released in 2011 and remained on the charts for a period comprising of more than two years. He followed this single with another track titled “Chalak Chalak” which too received much acclaim. To date he has produced 8 songs with the acclaimed “Waris Shah” being the latest single launched by him. Asrar is greatly inspired by Sufi music and philosophy and aspires to perfect his craft in this specific genre. His future projects include additional songs and their music videos for an upcoming album which he plans on launching in the near future.

Regarding Coke Studio, Asrar says, “Performing as part of the Coke Studio platform is like a dream come true for me. This project is one of the leading musical platforms in Pakistan and it showcases the best musicians in the country. It is quite a trendsetter and I think it will become a genre of its own in the years to come.”

Asrar will be performing his song “Ali Ali” for the first time on the Coke Studio platform