Season 7 Artists

Faraz Anwar

From a very young age, Anwar knew he wanted to be involved with music. Although he had been singing since he was four, it was not until he was inspired at 15 by Swedish guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen, that he picked up a guitar, “I would listen to bands like America, Rush and Kansas from a very early age,” recalls Anwar, “and people would be amazed at how a child could understand music like that.” At the age of 17, Anwar started playing professionally as a session player for artists like Sajjad Ali and Nadeem Jafri, but he always wanted to form his own band and make music that channeled his creativity and expressed his individuality.

In 1998, Anwar formed Mizraab, with his friend Khalid Mustafa on percussions and Irfan Ahmed on drums. In 1999, they came up with their first album Panchi. In 2003, with a new band line-up, Anwar released another album titled Maazi Haal Mustaqbil. This was the album that sealed their place in hearts of mainstream listeners.

In 2011, after completing a music production and jazz guitar course in Britain, Anwar returned to Pakistan and auditioned new members for Mizraab. In 2011, Faraz Anwar made his Coke Studio debut with band Mizraab in Season 4. Two seasons later, Faraz Anwar comes back to the platform as a guitarist.