Season 7 Artists

Humera Channa

Humera Channa is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to popular Pakistani music. From a very early age she developed her musical talents through the recitation of naats, with a voice that was always appreciated by her teachers. Gifted with a mesmerizing voice it was only natural for Humera to hone her skills and venture forth into the professional musical arena.

With a father who was already a reputed filmmaker, she did not have to look too far for the support she needed to enter the entertainment industry. At the tender age of nine, she sang for the film Darwaza Khula Rakhna which was written by her father. Her performance drew acclaim and her potential was immediately recognized by producer Nisar Haider, who gave Humera her first break on television where she was given the opportunity to perform the kalaam of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai on PTV Karachi. After this she was regularly seen on composer Niaz Ahmed’s music programme Khush Rang. In the1980’s Humera’s voice gave life to many actresses in both Urdu and Punjabi feature films. Humera did not restrict herself to the Punjabi language as she sang several Sindhi songs, which was a testament to her versatility as a singer. Soon she was acknowledged by producer Shoaib Mansoor and the talented host Anwar Maqsood who persuaded her to appear in their stage show, Silver Jubilee. Being a part of this project catapulted her to instant fame and made her a household name.

Humera has always been very selective about the work she does, focusing more on quality of content rather than quantity. Talking about the music industry and her work she says, “There are many artistes who have commercialized their music and to add insult to injury, they do not even know how to sing. I won’t take names, but they do not last long. For me, today, the most important thing is to maintain and deliver the quality that my fans expect of me. The monetary aspect comes much later on.”

This is the first time Humera will be part of Coke Studio which she considers being an ideal platform for high quality music that showcases the diversity of Pakistani melodies.