Season 7 Artists

Javed Bashir

Javed Bashir is one of Pakistan’s most recognized and acclaimed Sufi/Classical Singer. Owing to his Godsend singing ability and training under Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan. Hailing from a family of renowned qawwals. Javed’s command of the classical singing tradition can be heard and seen in his work with the internationally reputed Mekaal Hasan Band, with whom Javed had been since 2002.

Javed has also ventured into the realms of pop, dance, bhangra and cross-cultural folk by collaborating with celebrated artists including Bally Sagoo and Sondre Bratland, a Norwegian folk artist, with whom he released an album titled Dialogue in 2006.

However, his ability to straddle Classical, Pop and Rock Music makes the versatile singer a true virtuoso, his talent has been recognized by many around the world. Javed has also gained recognition internationally i.e. composing music in India.

After Ajay Latha Naeeon mega hit Coke Studio welcomes Javed Bashir for the second time on the platform and looks forward to his soulful and stimulating voice at Coke Studio Season 7.