Season 7 Artists

Meesha Shafi

A multi-faceted personality, Meesha Shafi is one of Pakistan’s most edgy and exciting personalities; a symbol of the modern day youth of Pakistan, a role that was previously unfilled. Steeped in a family tradition of the arts, philosophy, culture and acting, Meesha is the daughter of veteran actress Saba Hameed and her ability to write is born from the legacy of her grandfather, Hameed Akhtar, a revolutionary Urdu writer who ran the 'Progressive writer's movement' for many years.

In 2010, Meesha Shafi launched her solo music career with an unforgettable performance on Coke Studio. Her session performance in collaboration with Pakistani folk legend Arif Lohar received over 16 million hits on Youtube, making it the most viewed Pakistani song ever internationally. In 2012, she returned for another season of Coke Studio where she collaborated with qawaal group The Chakwalis for a performance which became one of the Seasons' biggest hits.

Apart from music, Meesha has also made her mark in modeling and acting and has also participated in various Pakistan based sitcoms. Internationally, her performances for blockbuster Bollywood movies “Bhag Milka Bhag” and Hollywood movie “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” established her credibility as a versatile artiste. After her last outing in 2012, Meesha comes back to Coke Studio and looks to further explore her musical gifts as a vocalist.