Season 7 Artists

Mubashir Admani

Karachi born Mubashir Admani is a self-taught musician who has diverse a range of influences, ranging from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock. Mubashir is no stranger to Eastern music, having being introduced to the genre by a music oriented father who played the harmonium. He is well versed in both western and eastern styles of the art form.

Mubashir is supporter of musical fusion and feels it’s good to blend different styles of music to create unique compositions. He also feels that Coke Studio has been a good platform for the local music industry and has assisted artists in creating awareness and gaining recognition for themselves.

Regarding his experience of collaborating with more than a dozen artists on Coke Studio, Mubashir said, “As I was part of Coke Studio Season 5, I have had the experience of going through the production process, therefore I am familiar with most of the team and fellow musicians there. With the guidance and support of the production team, it’s easy getting along with others and knowing your role in the overall production of the music. It’s always a pleasure working with other musicians!”

Season 7 will mark the second time that the musician will be participating in Coke Studio and Mubashir looks forward to contributing to the legacy of the platform. Mubashir previously performed with the Coke Studio house-band in Season 5 of the platform. Mubashir has previously worked with Strings during the production of the OST for feature film Moore. He is currently working on a collaborative album with other up and coming artists which he plans on releasing by December 2014.