Season 7 Artists

Omran Shafique

Since the inception of Coke Studio, Omran Shafique has been a witness and key player in the creative process of the platform and therefore has seen the growth of what the experiment presents today. With a musical journey that includes the birth of bands such as Mauj and Koastal, playing with Ali Azmat, Zeb & Haniya, Maryam Kizilbash and the underground band Co-Ven, Omran’s experience as a musician has proven to be quite varied. It is due to this versatility that Coke Studio has been able to witness his prowess in a number of western genres all the while staying true to Eastern musical structures. While having spent a great number of his formative years outside of the country, Omran was able to use his understanding of western musical influences to find a meeting ground with Eastern tunes and enhance the beauty of the musical exchange born of the process.