Season 7 Artists

Sikandar Mufti

In Coke Studio’s House Band yet again this Season is the rhythm savvy Sikander Mufti. What began as an attraction to beats developed into a lifelong bond with the craft that is Percussion. Through the years, Mufti has experienced a series of learning’s which has led him to perform with some of Pakistan’s finest musicians to date, including acclaimed musicians such as Ali Azmat, Overload, Zeb and Haniya, Mekaal Hasan Band, which is testament to the diverse range of percussive skills he has adapted to. With his extensive work as a percussionist and drummer it was in Season 3 that Mufti joined Coke Studio as a part of the House Band and from that point onwards he has proven his mettle in the unique ability and has successfully adjusted to varied musical styles.

‘To me this can only go more global. Logically, this makes sense. Coke Studio has a style and sound through which it has been established. You can recognize it when you hear it. The sound is still here this Season but what’s interesting is taking that consistent sound and adding all the international influences. We’re maintaining that. I really like what I’ve heard so far.’

A veteran musician, Sikandar Mufti returns to Coke Studio in Season 7 to bring the rhythmic influence of instrumentation into the fold.