Season 7 Artists

Tanveer Tafu

Son of renowned tabla maestro Altaf Tafu, Tanveer Tafu is amongst the most coveted young rubab players of Pakistan. Born in Lahore, Tanveer Tafu received his formal training in music from the eminent Ustaad Tafu and is deeply inspired by the works of the country’s most celebrated musicians, including Amjad Ali Khan, Akbar Ali Khan and Pakistan’s veteran guitarist Mazhar Ali Popa.

Tanveer’s ability to proficiently play both rubab and guitar gives him distinction over other artists. Over the years the musician has collaborated and performed with many renowned artists of Pakistan.

Talking about his experience of being part of Coke Studio, Tanveer Tafu said, “Coke Studio is a project which in my view is a great effort to change the image of Pakistan globally. I feel greatly honored to be a part of it and I believe that the platform has given new life to people who can sing live music. The platform has played a pivotal role in discovering hidden talent of the country. For the current Season, I have contributed to 7 songs [in collaboration with various artists]. Working with Strings was an amazing experience; the best part was the choice the producers offered me to express my talent in the best way I believed”.

Coke Studio welcomes Tanveer Tafu to the seventh season of the platform.