Season 7 Artists

Umar Daraz

Umar Daraz was born in India and moved to Pakistan at the time of partition. His journey for the love of music started from his own surroundings. It was in his blood. His father was a renowned cello player who also worked in a police band, which in earlier times was a popular medium to showcase one’s talents. Being the son of a famous cello player, it was easier for him to start his career but eventually it was all his hard training that paid off. Describing his experience he said that “I have worked for the film industry for long as a cello player in different compositions and with big names like Nisar Bazmi who were the pioneers in music.”

Umar sees fusion music as something experimental. He expressed his views as “I like fusion music and also eastern music. After the decline of film industry in 1982 there has been no proper work for musicians like me and now Coke Studio has done it.” He also thinks that Coke Studio will help in getting him recognition worldwide and for an artist it is necessary to reach to a wider audience. This season Umar has been a part of more than 9 performances. Regarding his experience of working with Strings Umar said, “Bilal and Faisal were very supportive throughout and we were given a great environment during the recording sessions and if I am given a chance to participate again I will definitely come.” Umar is grateful to the management to Coke Studio for having him in this season.