Season 7 Artists

Zoheb Hassan

Sub Continental pop icon, Zoheb Hassan is a prominent musician who rose to fame during the late ‘80s as part of a duo act with his sister Nazia Hassan. Nazia gained popularity with her single “Aap Jaisa Koi” and then Zoheb and her started producing music together. They catapulted to fame with their fun, upbeat songs and became one of the biggest pop sensations of their time.

Hailing from Karachi, Zoheb moved to London with his entire family during the mid-‘70s. During their early years in Pakistan, Zoheb and Nazia participated after school in Sohail Rana’s programme “Kaliyon Ki Mala” but he was not really interested in music or singing at that time. It was in London that both Zoheb and Nazia developed an interest in music after listening to pop music on the radio. Zoheb was given a guitar by his uncle, which inspired him to start learning music and to write his own songs. Later he asked the famous musician Alamgir to give him some lessons, but Zoheb was largely self-taught.

Once he launched his career with his sister Nazia, the duo became icons in the industry, not only in Pakistan but even across the border in India. Zoheb’s song “Disco Deewane” was instrumental in establishing himself as a serious singer in India. He further produced albums for films apart from his own music.

Zoheb took a leave from music after the tragic demise of his sister Nazia in 2000. However, he is now re-establishing himself in the music industry and is now appearing on Coke Studio for the first time ever.

“Having lived both in Pakistan and England, fusion music came very naturally to us. Coke Studio is definitely a world class platform for such musical creativity. It was wonderful having worked with Bilal and Faisal as well as the wonderful array of musicians and singers that are featured in this season,” says Zoheb of the upcoming Coke Studio season.

He will be revamping many of his iconic songs for this season of Coke Studio and will be launching an album later this year to be followed by a concert tour.