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      Lending their vocals to the Coke Studio canvas this season is the classically trained trio of sisters, Harsakhiyan. Comprising of Zainub Jawwad, Saleema J Khawaja, and Ismet Jawwad, the group has been trained by Ustad Riaz Ali Qadri. Initially called Sakhiyan, the sisters changed their name after moving to Harsukh, a cultural centre for art education that also houses the Jawwad family. Today, they are known as Harsakhiyan, or ‘friends to everyone’. The trio is versed in khyal gaiki, the rababi tradition, thumris and ghazals. Zainub has sung original soundtracks for television while Ismet, the youngest sister, is a teacher by profession, and Saleema a practicing lawyer. As an ensemble, Harsakhiyan sings with minimal instruments, depending heavily on vocals. The band continues to grow, hoping to collaborate with musicians from different genres and finding opportunities to record their original material.

      “Music is a part of nature and we are an instrument of nature. The voice that comes out of you is nature, it is otherworldly, how can you have a right over it? Your voice belongs to nature and God. You can thank Him for it but you can’t claim it.”

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