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      Sahir Ali Bagga

      Sahir Ali Bagga

      Sahir Ali Bagga, the versatile powerhouse, returns to Coke Studio this year with original music inspired by the colorful textures of his diverse experiences in the musical industry.

      A musician whose career began at the age of eight, Bagga recorded for the first time as a drummer on Madam Noor Jehan’s rendition of Mera Piya Ghar Aya for the film Bilawal. Trained by the ustads of the Tafu family in Lahore, Bagga went on to play for the likes of Mehdi Hassan Khan, Lata Mangeshkar, and Ghulam Ali as a teenager. By the time he hit his twenties, Bagga’s repertoire had expanded and included musicians like The Jupiters, Jawad Ahmed and Ali Azmat. An artist on a path to absorb and create, Bagga went on to become a composer. Having produced over 5000 songs to date, he has proven himself to be a dynamo producer, with songs featuring in numerous films and television productions. In the process, Bagga has also worked on his singing capabilities, adding to his versatility as a musician, eventually leading him to the mainstage of Coke Studio as a vocalist.

      “I always want to make music that relates to my land, my culture and my home. Our raags, our beats, our lyrics – these are our own colors. I want to give my fans the kind of music that shows these colors.”

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