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      Anbhol - Tears of surrender

      Anbhol - Tears of surrender

      Written by Asim Raza, Anbhol is a semi-classical spiritual song on the woes of worldly love. One of the songs of week 4 of Coke Studio 2020, the song has been performed by Sufi stalwart Sanam Marvi. Composed in Raag Aiman, an Indian classical raag of Kalyan thaat, is a delicate raag that expresses itself through the longing of a lover waiting for their beloved. Anbhol uses an old composition with unknown origins, but with a new twist – the lyrics start with a metaphor based around Ranjha.

      “This song is twofold, one part that takes you towards Ishq-e-Majazi (love for your fellow human/worldly pleasures) and the other towards Ishq-e-Haqiqi (love for God Almighty). What you realize is that love for anything that is material or worldly is never truly lasting,” says Marvi.

      The arrangement of the song follows an unconventional chord progression for Raag Aiman. By fusing the western Lydian mode with Raag Aiman, the song takes on a melodious blend. The western Lydian mode emerges from the diatonic system which describes seven scales as the basis of corresponding musical modes. The dholak comes in to create a beautiful traditional rhythm within the song.

      Starting out with a famous kalam by Bulleh Shah, “ni main jana jogi de naal (I want to be one with the Jogi), the song shows Ishq-e-Majazi being played out and the heartbreak that accompanies it.


      Jogi appeared as Ranjha

      Assumed a unique disguise He

      Veiling the name ‘Ahad’ as ‘Ahmad’

      Oh, I…

      Oh, I want to go with the jogi!”


      Later, Anbhol departs into a profound surrender to the Lord Almighty, saying “Mann lagao faaqeeri naal” (surrender to Him), the message being that only surrendering to Him will enable you to collect your (broken) self once again. 

      “I find pleasure in a life of ascetic worship

      I’ve given my heart to a true lover

      Now I no longer weep endless tears in secret”


      Explaining the message of the song, Marvi says, “The message is that true love (be it Ishq-e-Haqiqi or Ishq-e-Majazi) is not a joke. So before embarking upon that journey, just remember that pain and heartache will accompany you throughout. And to placate your loved one, there is no doubt that tears will be shed.” She adds that when seeking forgiveness from God or a beloved, many tears will be shed, “Only when you see God’s benevolence, despite all our sins, tears seeking forgiveness will come naturally.”

      Anbhol has producer Rohail Hyatt himself on the acoustic guitars and keyboards along with Serbian musician, Goran Antovic; Nenad Gajin (Serbia) on electric guitar; Jovan Šatrić(Serbia) on drums; Shehroze Hussain playing the sitar; Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar and Dejan Antović (Serbia) on bass; Nawazish Nasri on the rabab; Abier ‘Veeru’ Shan playing the percussions and Babar Khanna on the Eastern percussions. The backing vocals have been given by Kumail Jaffery, Nimra Rafiq, Shahab Hussain and Wajiha Naqvi.

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