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      Dil Khirki

      Dil Khirki

      ‘Dil Khirki’ is composed, written and performed by emerging indie artist Mehdi Maloof. A CSS officer by profession, Maloof’s work has taken him across Pakistan on many rural sojourns. For many of his songs, including Dil Khirki, the remote locations became his inspiration, often drawing out his unconventional inner poet.

      The song ‘Dil Khirki’ which translates as ‘Oh, heart, open your window” is about opening your heart to the world regardless of life’s circumstances. In accepting one’s circumstances, one is able to submit to fate which ultimately results in a greater understanding of both life, and the self.

      The song, with its typical college sing-along feel, was written by Maloof as a form of an outlet, a vent. “And that’s the beauty of creative expression; in helping yourself you end up helping many others too,” said Maloof. He explained that he wrote the song when he was in a dark space. “I was used to living a relatively privileged, comfortable life in the safety of my own home but when I joined the service and had to stand on my own two feet, without parental support, my life changed. That was the first time I met the real Mehdi Maloof and there was a deep sadness attached to that realization. That is the time I started understanding the profound depth of my own sadness.”

      Famous in the indie music circuit for being unapologetically real, philosophical and hilarious, this CSS officer’s song has the ability to give hope and an existential crisis all in one go.

      And even though I may seem amazed

      Alone and anxious

      But my dear, I am happy


      And your eyes, too, are sad

      Your hair long and tangled

      But my dear, this is true


      That flowers would not have bloomed

      And we would not have met

      Had we not lost our way


      Explaining a section of the lyrics Maloof said, “Unless you are lost, you can never truly find yourself. And perhaps if I had not lost my way, I would not have found God.”

      The backing vocals for this song were given by Nimra Rafiq, Kumail Jaffery, Shahab Hussain and Wajiha Naqvi. The house band included Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar on bass, producer Rohail Hyatt himself on acoustic guitar and keyboards, Shehroze Hussain playing the sitar, Nawazish Nasri on rabab, Abier ‘Veeru’ Shan playing percussions and Babar Khanna on Eastern percussions.

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