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      Jaffer’s interest in the music stems from his family’s tradition in the performing arts. His mother is the legendary Nayyara Noor and therefore Jaffer naturally grew up with music in his life. With over twenty years’ worth of experience, Jaffer has reached a position where his musical expression is both refined and varied – not only has he found his forte in the Piano but he is also the Composer and Vocalist for his band Kaavish which was featured in Coke Studio Season 4 for its deeply introspective sound with the song ‘Nindiya Re’.

      As sensitive an instrument as the Piano is, Jaffer is in his element with the keys and it is evident through his craft that not only does he demonstrate the soul of the music while he plays, he does so with the flair that only an able musician can emanate.

      ‘I think and I’ve always felt that this has been the best platform for our musicians to present their work in a new dimension, to promote the Eastern side of music. It was more West meets East and not East meets West as the primary objective was to ensure that the essence of Eastern music stays intact. Even in my experience as a piano player, many times I’ve had to play stuff that may not be considered as typical Western piano playing at times. I’ve had to play based on Eastern trends which has just happened to come together well with the overall sound.’

      With Jaffer’s immense talent in creating a space within his work where Eastern sensitivity meets Western harmonies, Coke Studio welcomes him back to Season 7 to demonstrate yet again the rich art of the Piano.

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