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      Atif Aslam

      Atif Aslam

      This season, Atif Aslam brings an experimentation of ambient and introspective discovery to the canvas of Coke Studio; once again exploring the melodies hidden in his voice and showcasing his versatility with genres that are new to his repertoire. For Atif, it all began with a song which pulled him under the spotlight– Aadat. The song created the trajectory that would soon become his career.

      Atif’s musical journey began when he first started to experiment with his voice while he was alone in his family home in Lahore. This led to a pursuit of his craft that presented itself in college activities. Since then, Atif’s name has been considered as the embodiment of a unique brand of vocal prowess. With international tours constantly lined up, 3 albums to his name, multiple Bollywood singles, several international collaborations and a fan reach that spans across the globe, Atif has solidified his place as one of the predominant voices in the subcontinent today.

      “I still don’t think I’ve made it. When I first started, I used to think, with fame and money that I had made it. But then I asked myself, ‘What have you made? All that you have is material.’ After that, the real search started. That is when the fun started. Even today, I am constantly searching. I will keep at it, always.”

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